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                                                              The Wall Ball Drill



  1. All drills must be performed with both hands.


  1. Any wall (or pitch back)  will work, but a smooth concrete wall at least 10 feet tall is the best surface.   


  1. Use your gloves when performing this routine


  1. Stand about five yards from the wall for most drills


  1. Perform this routine 4 or 5 times a week for 15 to 20 minutes and your stick skills will improve a great deal in a very short period …..When throwing focus hard on specific point on the wall


  1. Drills
    1. Right hand quick stick – 50 times – Move closer  2ft  choke up on stick aim high.. ball does not bounce  (left hand)
    2. Right hand throw and catch – throw ball into wall and it bounces back (right hand)
    3. Right hand throw and catch – throw ball into ground, ball bounces off wall and you catch it in the air  (left hand) ….
    4. Split dodge- throw  right, catch right, split dodge to hand, throw left, catch left, split dodge back to right hand – 50 times
    5. Right hand throw left hand catch – Left to Right – 50 times
    6. Face dodge or Roll Dodge   Right Hand throw and catch  50 times
    7. Throw on the run….throw 50 times..both left and right



NOTE: This routine takes 15 to 20 minutes.  Work both hands equally….KEEP IT FUN!