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Checking In

SOME of what we have collected


Check-in 2.0. Summer’s rolling along and some of us are back on the fields with clubs etc. If not, it’s still important to stay active and out of the screens as often as possible. Get outside and play - something. Wiffle ball, swim if you can…  whatever.

DYLA continues to do the same thing. We’ve been active in our Equipment Swap department. 
Since our last email we have collected:

  • Over 100 boys and girls sticks
  • Loads of helmets, elbow pad, gloves
  • 8 Goals; 4 Throwback walls

We’ve found homes for the goals and pitchbacks. We currently have one of each for the taking. Use the info at the bottom if you want one of these items, or if you have something to donate, we’ll find a home for that too. 

As for the equipment, we have plenty for next year's swap, plus we’re in a position to help out some other programs. These programs cannot be more appreciative, and it really puts us in a great light as a program, and frankly as a community. And who couldn’t use a little good press once in a while?

So keep looking through the garage or basement. If stuff isn’t wanted or isn’t being used drop it at the address below. We’ll take anything you have. We’ll put it in someone’s hands who wants it and needs it. If you need something in particular, it’s fine to contact me.

Thanks again for your help. We can be a difference maker for folks in our own community and for players a bit further away. Feel free to drop equipment at the address posted below and we will distribute it to someone who will use it.

Keep enjoying the summer, stay safe and we’ll see you on the field (next year).... and don’t forget to check out the Gear Store on dylax.com . Some good stuff.

Rob Weibel

*    use bin next to garage

by posted 07/24/2020
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